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Kickammender finds Kickstarter projects you might be interested in backing

Since Kickstarter launched four years ago, almost $1 billion has been raised by ordinary people supporting creative projects they believe in. Because of Kickstarter, we think differently about how great products get made. It's more democratic, it's more personal, it's great for both creators and consumers. But with so many projects to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to find ones that you can get really excited about. We can help you.

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We'll take a look at what you've liked on Facebook to get an idea of who you are and what you might look for in a project on Kickstarter. We won't store any of the information we collect, except for your Facebook username so that we know if you've come back to our site.

Our application will take your Facebook information and compare you against thousands of other Kickstarter users. When we find a group that is similar to you, we'll recommend some projects that real people in that group have backed.

Step 2

Make your recommendations better

Once you've gotten your first recommendations, you can let us know whether you like them or not. We'll save the ones you like so you can find them later, and we'll dynamically adjust our recommendations to find you projects that you might like better.

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